Investing 101

"Wealth through Property"


To provide our clients with the very best investment property opportunities using our extensive knowledge gained from experience in the property industry and as investors, as well as network of resources used to source existing properties, new developments and fractional ownership.


The key to sustainable property investment is taking a low risk approach, by purchasing a property that will put money into your pocket in the shortest period of time, and with relatively small cash injections into the bond thereby reducing the time even faster. Once your property is paying you a passive income every month the process is simply repeated to ensure a steady growth of your property portfolio and with relative ease you are on your way to being financially independent

Choose the right property, Make it cash flow positive, and Repeat the process

Our properties:

The investment properties we source are units that are priced below market value to ensure high rent/value ratios that will give you a lower monthly shortfall and having a low manageable shortfall minimises your risk by not straining you financially. Off plan developments also offer low risk as there is a saving on transfer and bond registration as well as the growth often experienced during the construction of the project.

Why Property?

Firstly, the growth. Entry level property has had an average growth of 10 to 15% per year for the last 10 years and although currently not as high as the "boom years' the growth is still above inflation. Secondly Leverage: You are able to finance your investment from between 90% to 108%, and all you pay is a relatively small instalment (compared to the actual loan amount) every month.

Thirdly, the rental, your tenant will be paying a large portion of your bond payment with his/her monthly rental and with yearly increases your tenant will be paying your entire instalment in most cases in less than five years.

Having a home whether you own it or rent it is one of the basic human needs and that means there will always be a demand for housing and with an ever increasing population this demand will increase too.

When you combine all these factors you get an investment vehicle that is

  • Accessible to everyone
  • Linked to inflation
  • Has the potential to grow exponentially