Rental Guarantee

Tired of not receiving your rental on time, in full or even at all?

We offer a professional rental collection service backed by ano-nonsense guarantee. We ensure that as the property owner you receive your full monthly rental income on the first working day of every month – even if the tenant doesn't pay.


We invest a lot of time to ensure that a fit and proper tenant is selected to rent your property. We obtain comprehensive credit and previous tenancy information relating to payments, damages and absconsion. We also do full employment reference and rent affordability checks in-line with the National Credit Act.


We provide all the necessary application forms, inspection schedules, payment instructions, lease agreements required to ensure that the contractual relationship with the tenant is on a sound footing right from the start. Our contracts and agreements comply with the Consumer Protection and Rental Housing Act.


On the 1st day of the month we process all payments directly. That is how we can guarantee your money in your bank on the 1st working day with absolute certainty. We will do all your related payments including levies and municipal rates for you as well to ensure that your property portfolio financial affairs are always up to date.


As part of the monthly collection and payment administration, we will also prepare and send out all receipts and statements as required by the Rental Housing Act.


We make sure that non-paying tenants are properly dealt with, and if required evicted efficiently. We will brief the attorney and manage the process and best of all, pick up all the legal fees. Since we've already paid you your rent, it is our money that is outstanding.


The rental guarantee product is charged at 11.7 % of the monthly rental collected monthly while a once off placement fee of 30% of one month's rental is charged for the procurement of the tenant.

To put the benefit of this product into perspective if you lost 1 month's rental due to non-payment or a tenant absconding it would take 53 months ( 4.4 years) to make up the difference compared to if the guarantee was in place. The cost of an eviction which can run up to between R 30 000 to R 50 000 will have a massive impact on your portfolios growth. Can you afford NOT to have this product in place?

Take the stress out of the rental collection so you can focus on looking for your next investment!